On Miltonsburg

During a recent conversation in which my sister, Judy Young, and I were sharing anecdotes about our childhood in Miltonsburg, Ohio we began to ask questions such as "who were the original residents? why did they choose this particular location? where did they come from and where did they go after leaving Miltonsburg?" One result of this conversation was this website which explores the genealogy of the village. We have organized the website by lots, providing what information we have on the owners and residents. We hope to hear from the descendants of these Miltonsburg residents who have factual and anecdotal information that we could add to our story of the village.

The information we gathered came from tax and census records as well as oral histories as recalled by former residents. Because the physical integrity of the original village has changed significantly beginning about 1950, at this point we have not collected information after this date.

We look forward to hearing from anyone who can add to the genealogy of Miltonsburg as well as sharing information that we have about former owner/residents.

Miltonsburg: A Village and Its People, 1830 to 1950